The Company She Keeps - Georgia Durante

Georgia’s story, as told in her best selling book The Company She Keeps, started in Rochester New york. Her teen years led this young woman to take her first steps into the world of modeling and The Mob. Georgia’s beauty won her attention. Her quest for adventure led her to fame. She became known nationally as The Kodak Girl. She was known in The Mob as a trustworthy driver.


"The Company She Keeps" is the gripping tale of one woman's struggle to escape from the Mafia underworld. Now a successful stunt driver, Durante can dominate a two-ton vehicle at high speeds, but off road, she has careened from one emotional head-on collision to another.

Georgia Durante became the most photographed woman in the world as the Kodak Summer Girl. Her career took her to New York City where the world of modeling and the world of The Mob both opened their doors for her. One violent night gave Georgia the chance to show her value to The Mob from behind the wheel of a car.

Excerpt from "The Company She Keeps"

He placed one bullet back in the chamber and gave it a whirl. He then placed the gun at my temple. "What are you doing!" I cried. "I'm gonna find out once and for all how badly you really want to leave," he snarled. "Please, Joe... don't," He brought his face within inches of mine. All I could see were his eyes. I watched in horror as demonic possession took place. In a voice that wasn't his, he spewed, "Are you sure you want to leave?" Paralyzed with fear, I couldn't talk. He pulled the trigger. Click. My life passed before my eyes. I saw my daughter, my parents. Babe and Billie. I'm going to die.

"Do you remember now what I said I'd do if you ever left me? Well, the time has come." He was crying, too. "I won't leave! I'll stay! Please don't kill me. What about Toni? Oh my God..." He considered this for a moment, then dismissed it. "You're lying again. I don't believe you." He pulled the trigger again.

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The Company She Keeps Book Review - The Company She Keeps The Company She Keeps

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