50 over 50


Georgia Durante is among the 50 women featured in the new book 50 Over 50: Extraordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives to be released in Great Britain in March 2007.

’50 over 50′ is an inspirational and life-affirming book, which will stir the imaginations of women about to turn 50, as well as those who are already there and beyond. It will also encourage younger women, who may be less than convinced that there is life after the age of 50, to think again. It features the stories and portraits of 50 amazing women over 50 known and unknown from all over the world, and from all walks of life from politicians to film stars, lifeboat crew to space explorers, scientists to aid workers. It looks at their lives and experiences, their views on being over 50, their achievements and their philosophy of life.

Included amongst these extraordinary women are ex-Mafia wife and Hollywood stunt driver, Georgia Durante; Angela Baker, one of the original Calendar Girls; actress and anti-war campaigner, Susan Sarandon; former brothel madam, Cynthia Paine; six times Olympian, Anne Abernathy, known as Grandma Luge ; farmers match-maker, Patricia Warren; fashion designer, Zandra Rhodes; long distance swimmer, Carol Sing; Spitfire pilot, Carolyn Grace: Cinema legend and founder of WAIF/Operation Children, Jane Russell; Diana Princess of Wales psychic, Sally Morgan: Arctic and Antarctic Explorer, Pom Oliver; and round-the-world solo runner, Rosie Swale Pope. ’50 over 50′ is sponsored by Dove* as part of the ProAge Dove campaign, and the authors are donating their royalties to charity. O A SUCCESSFUL LIFE