Biography of Georgia Durante

Georgia Durante has packed a lifetime of lessons into her years. Those who have known her for the past twenty years as one of Hollywood’s most successful female commercial stunt drivers have been shocked by the truth of her past.

Hollywood producers have known two Georgia Durantes: the steely-nerved stuntwoman with the skill to handle a three-ton high-performance vehicle in high-speed precision maneuvers; and the beautiful model and actress who, at seventeen, was considered the most photographed girl in the country.

They knew only those sides of Georgia Durante because that was all she chose to reveal. Only now does she share the full story of her life, in The Company She Keeps.

Compelling and terrifying, The Company She Keeps tells the true story of Georgia Durante’s storybook beginnings in Upstate, New York when at the tender age of twelve, the radiant little girl began her national modeling career. At seventeen, Georgia Durante became the “Kodak Girl” immortalized with her life-size image displayed in more than 80,000 retail stores throughout the world.