Nicholas Pileggi - Best selling author of Wiseguy (Goodfellas) and Casino

In (The Company She Keeps) Georgia Durante, not only survived her years in the underworld, but lived to write about it. A fascinating life. A fascinating book

Alan Young - Actor and Author

(The Company She Keeps) is a superbly written autobiography about a lovely young woman's struggle and victory. What a struggle; what a victory; and what a woman! Georgia is one of a kind, and so is her book

Stella Stevens - Actress

(Georgia Durante) has an adventurous spirit and has led a glamorous life. She honestly shares painful experiences in this fascinating and entertaining book

Dick VanPatten - Actor

Once you start reading this book, you cannot put it down. This book covers everything from flashy show-people, to the mob, to ordinary everyday people. There's a surprise on every page and a twist and turn in every chapter

Graham Nash - Musician; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

Quite unreal, really. What a life

Samuel Hallock duPont, Jr. - Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

(The Company She Keeps) is the high-interest, quick paced account of life in the fast lane. At the heart is the love of danger and excitement which is, for (Georgia), almost a fatal flaw. Fortunately, a love of autos and an uncanny ability to control high-horsepower cars led to an unexpected escape route. (Hers) is a story well worth reading

Morton Downey, Jr. - Network Talk Show Pioneer

It's one of those stories that makes you want to write a better critique than anyone else's. But Georgia has written the best one of all. You'll agree with me tomorrow morning when you still haven't put The Company She Keeps to bed

Buddy Hackett - Entertainer and Comedian

Georgia Durante has great skill as an author. Her warmth, her daring and her intelligence make this book a great adventure. I couldn't put it down. Read this book! You'll be amazed, you'll be excited. You'll be grateful I made you do it

Bill Fleming, Special Agent - (Retired)Federal Bureau of Investigation.

I spent a lifetime chasing gangsters out of the lives of decent people with the help of my colleagues in the FBI. Georgia Durante chased them out of her life by herself. She should have worked with us. This is an exceptionally intriguing book with eye-opening lessons for everyone

Hugh O'Brian - Actor

(Georgia Durante) has had quite a life, and the courage it takes to live it. I would have never imagined all (she's) been through. (She) hides a lot behind that lovely smile

Susan Forward, Ph.D. - best-selling Author of Emotional Blackmail and Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them

Georgia Durante's life exemplifies many of the strengths I've written about. She refused to surrender to abuse, and moved from being a victim to being a victor. She's an inspiration for any woman who feels her situation is hopeless

James D. Henderson - Former Chief of the Los Angeles Strike Force on Organized Crime, United States Department of Justice

This wonderful story of courage offers an exciting and unique look at how organized crime in this country can destroy much more than the usual victims of its activities. Georgia Durante rose above it. I salute her.

Jimmy Breslin - Pulitzer Prize winning columnist and best-selling Author

We've all heard of the Mafia, and read about mobsters, but Georgia Durante saw them up close. She lived with them. She experienced their violence. She survived their wars. In The Company She Keeps, she tells her fascinating story. Once you read it, you'll never forget it.

Sidney Sheldon - best-selling Author

Georgia Durante has written a gripping, fast-paced, insider's look at an underworld she knew only too well. Breathtakingly readable.

thecompanyshekeeps , USA 5.0 5.0 14 14 In (The Company She Keeps) Georgia Durante, not only survived her years in the underworld, but lived to write about it. A fascinating life. A fascinating book

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