Georgia-Durante-15Here are a selection of excerpts from The Company She Keeps. Georgia takes you inside the Mob, inside Hollywood and inside her life as she escapes a dangerous and deadly abusive husband.

The Wedding:

A woman’s wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of her life. When you’ve spent some of your life with the Mob like Georgia did, you just never know when your past is going to try to invade your future. Click here to read this story.

Hitting The Streets:

Georgia and two friends arrive in New York City to take on the modeling world. They have excitement. They have ambition. They have some lessons they need to learn. Click here to read this story.

The Stalker:

When someone from the dark side sets their sights on you, there’s a choice you have to make. You either turn to the police, or like Georgia did, get a little help from her friends. Click here to read this story.

The Audition:

The old Hollywood saying is never work with kids. However, there are some times when kids can make things work for you. Georgia’s daughter Toni was able to do that. Click here to read this story.

The Mob:

Death is the unavoidable part of life. That certainly is true in the world of the Mob. When death brings mourning, some of that mourning can get very interesting. Click here to read this story.