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ksbylogoFormer mob wife chronicles life
By: Carina Corral
March 4, 2006

Georgia Durante used to be in hiding from New York mobsters. Now she’s in Lompoc promoting her new book.

Durante was once a mafia getaway driver when she was married to a gangster. In 1976 she escaped the mob life and came to California. She was in hiding but was able to put her skills to work. Durante is now one of the country’s top stunt drivers.

She has chronicled her experiences in a new book called The Company She Keeps.

“So many women are getting strength from it. They’re changing their lives,” said Durante. “They’re moving forward taking their negatives and turning them into positives, and I had no idea that was going to happen.”

You can get a signed copy of Durante’s book at Read More Books in Lompoc.