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Television Appearances with Georgia Durante

The release of The Company She Keeps has continued to make Georgia Durante a very in demand guest for television and radio talk shows along with many leading magazines. Choose from the selections to see where Georgia’s been and to read some of the feature article written about her.

  • Investigative Discovery Channel (I.D.) Poisoned Passions (Getaway Girl) June 2013
  • Investigative Discovery Channel (I.D.) I Married a Mobster – Fall 2012
  • Total Living Network: “On Screen” Aired January 25-30, 2006
  • The Montel Williams Show: Aired throughout January 2006
  • University Of Oregon Today: January 2006
  • The E! True Hollywood Story: Aired Throughout April 2005
  • Lifetime Television: “Secret Lives” Aired May 2003
  • Celebrity Justice: Aired Nov. 7, 9, 10th 2002
  • The Discovery Health Channel – “The Price of Beauty”
  • The Discovery Channel – “The Berman & Berman Show”
  • The Other Half: (NBC) Aired at 12:00 April 19th 2002
  • Pure Oxygen: Aired on the Oxygen Channel Feb. 4th, 2002
  • Politically Incorrect “Mob Week”: Aired Friday August 3rd 2001
  • Larry King Live: Aired Saturday, July 7th 2001
  • A&E “Open Book Show” Aired May 27th 2001
  • TV 19 AT Noon (Columbus Ohio) Aired May 9 2001
  • “The Show” KRON/BayTV San Francisco Aired April 11th & 12th 2001
  • Philly After Midnight Aired March 6th 2001
  • Good Morning Palm Springs Aired Feb 2001
  • The Gloria Greer Show Aired Feb 2001
  • To Tell The Truth – November 14, 2000
  • A&E: Working On The Edge
  • Click Here For More About This A&E Show
  • America’s Most Wanted Spring of 2000
  • The Roseanne Show (with David Proval from The Soprano’s) Aired March 23, 2000
  • Talk Soup (E channel) Aired March 31, 2000
  • Ashley’s Closet (Los Angeles)
  • A&E (Love Chronicles) “Love & The Mob” Spring 2000
  • Montel Williams
  • Geraldo Rivera
  • Tom Snyder Show (The Late Show) Aired Dec 1998 & March 99
  • Court TV (Pros & Cons)
  • The Leeza Show (Victim’s of Sammy the Bull) April 27, 2000
  • Fox & Friends (Fox News)
  • The O’Reilly Factor (Fox News)
  • A&E (Bill Kurtis-The Unexplainable) aired August 29th
  • Hardcopy Aired March 9th 1999 and June 16th, 99
  • Inside Edition Aired August 24th
  • The Roseanne Show Aired May 1999 and June 99
  • Extra Aired October 1998
  • E! Entertainment July 99
  • TNN The Exciting world of Speed and Beauty (Featuring Performance Two Driving Team)
  • The Learning Channel Aired 7/19/99
  • The Ziggy Show (Toronto Book Review Show) City TV
  • Grumps (Canada’s version of Politically Incorrect)
  • Breakfast TV (Toronto)
  • Out of the Dark with the Mystery Maven (PBS-California Book Show)
  • The Odyssey Channel (On Main Street) To air in Nov. 19th-26th 99
  • The Debra Duncan Show (Houston)
  • Every Woman Aires in Nov 99
  • Northwestern Afternoon (Seattle)
  • The Liz Bishop Show (Albany NY) Aired Oct 1998
  • The Changing Paragon (Aspen) Aired Jan 1999
  • ARD (German TV Show) Aired Nov 1998
  • Blitz Sat 1 TV (Germany) Aired Jan 1999
  • The Warren Pierce Show (Detroit) Aired Oct 1999
  • Skip Lowe’s Look at Hollywood (Los Angeles) Feb. 2000
  • R News (Rochester NY)
  • Channel 13 News (Rochester, NY)
  • Channel 8 News (Las Vegas)
  • Channel 3 News (Las Vegas)
  • Channel 4 News (Miami)
  • Channel 7 News (LA) Special 8 minute Sweeps segment Aired twice in May
  • News Show (Chicago)
  • Fox 25 News (Boston)
  • TV 6 News (Palm Springs)
  • The Howard Stern Show (Radio)
  • The Gordon Liddy Show (Radio)
  • Art Bell Radio Show March 9, 2000
  • Profiles October, 2000

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Here’s What Radio Hosts Are Saying About Georgia Durante

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Radio Host Reviews

Dear Georgia
You are an incredible guest. The way you open your life brought the issue of domestic violence to the listeners in the most powerful way possible. Where so many talk about the horrors of domestic violence with studies and stats, you paint the picture with heart and experience. I’m still hearing from listeners who are saying that your story and words of encouragement have helped them take the first steps they need to take to get out of their abusive situations.
Whenever I do a show on domestic violence, you will be the first person that I call on to help present the truth of this terror.

All the best always,
Chris DeBello
Host, Issues And Ideas
Clear Channel Radio

Dear Georgia
I know you’d be good, but WOW, you were VERY good!

Steve Seidenfeld
Producer, Rick Barber Show
KOA-AM Denver Colorado

Hi Georgia
WOW! You were a big hit. Had more calls asking about you this morning. You have had an interesting life and seem to be doing so well in the place you are at.
We would love to have you on again soon to tell more great stories of your life. Your life would be a great movie!
Have a great day and thanks again for being such a terrific guest!

The Breakfast Buzz With Kimberly And Beck
Rochester, New York

Interview this morning was amazing. Thanks for the time. Let’s keep in touch. We’re extremely looking forward to talking with you again.

Robert Miller
Keeler In The Morning
Utica, New York

Dear Georgia,
Thank you once again for being a guest on Holder Tonight. It was a pleasure to have you back on the show to share your story once again and to give some insight into your life and your book The Company She Keeps. There are many people who go through trials and tribulations in their life, but what you have had to endure is amazing. What is even more amazing is that you have emerged on the other side with your life and your personality intact. Clearly you are a strong willed person who can handle just about anything – and you’re probably just a bit of an adrenaline junkie as well!
I’m sure that the intestinal fortitude that got you through those difficult times will also be an anchor that you can use to help you get through some of the rough times that you might see ahead with your children.
Sharing your story with our audience certainly was a very informative and entertaining segment of the show. I’m sure the listeners enjoyed it and were moved by it. Continued successes with all you do and thank you once again for all your time and trouble.

Respectfully yours,
Peter Anthony Holder
Montreal Canada

Dear Georgia,
Thank you SO MUCH for appearing on Live With Lee today. Your were terrific! Several of my co-workers have dropped by my desk to tell me how much they enjoyed it. You are a very brave woman, an excellent speaker and an inspiration to many.
I wish you and your children peace, health and happiness in the future.

Lee Michaels
Ontario Canada

Have to tell you, I just finished reading your book a few minutes ago – been a long time that I have come across a book that I simply could not put down!
Excellent job – I commend you on your strength – you are a true inspiration.
I enjoyed having you as a guest on American Woman – hope you had a good time!

Best wishes and thanks again,

Wendy Wexler
Los Angeles

Hi Georgia!
Without a doubt, Georgia Durante is one of the most fascinating guests I’ve interviewed in years! It would be easy to converse with her for an hour or more.There is a wealth of information and gripping stories that could easilly continue into additional life times, but are all contained in the amazing tales of one unique individual!
Hard to sum up Georgia in words, but compelling, astonishing and utterly charming do come to mind!

Brad Shepard
WHYN Radio
Springfield, Mass

Hey Georgia!!
It’s Matt Dangerfield — Thanks again for your time!
You truly are an inspiration to women (and Men) everywhere. Our phones lit upwith requests for your book. We are still getting them this week!! We had so many calls telling us how intrigued they were with your story. A few were overan hour late for work because they couldn’t force themselves to leave theircar radio for fear they would miss something. That is truly compelling.

Other listeners praised us for the best show we’ve ever had, (Kelly and I) and others saying it was the best morning show they had ever heard anywhere. Even the guys were calling us telling us “Thank You.” One truck driver was listening to the whole interview, and he was so taken in that he actually pulled his 18-wheeler off of the road and called us from a pay phone to ask us the name of your book. He said he had to have it!!

You are amazing.

Thanks for coming on last night, it was a great show with an excellent guest. The response has been excellent today. My Program Director even when as far as to say it was the best thing on any of his stations this year. So again I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks again,

Bill Shields
In The Dark Radio
KBAR-AM, Idaho

Hi Georgia,
THANK YOU SO MUCH for being a guest on Common Sense today! Leslie & I enjoyed hearing about your life experiences, and your determination to change your circumstances for the better!
I hope we gave your web page and book a good boost on “Common Sense” today?
THANKS again Georgia for sharing your story so early in the morning!

Best regards,

Elliott Domans, Host
“Common Sense” Radio Show
The Horne Radio Network
Knoxville, TN

Hi Georgia,
Over the past 6 years, I have had the pleasure of interviewing more than 1500 guests, including, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Uri Geller, Erich Von Daniken,Art Bell, Jeff Rense, just to name a few. Seldom does a guest leave a lasting impression in the mind and heart of not only myself, but my listeners, as Georgai Durante did on her first visit to The ‘X’ Zone.

Georgia’s story touched the very essence of all those who she shared her life with, and gave hope and inspiration to women who are being victimized throughout North America. Georgia Durante is truly an inspiration that must be shared with one and all.

Rob McConnell,
Host & Executive Producer

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