I am an english woman who has never heard of you before until I walked into a store and picked up your book – what made me buy the book there and then – was your name – if i am ever lucky enough to have a daughter I want to call her Georgia in honour of my grandfather and now you…

Having no idea what I was to find in reading your book, I cant tell you how shocked and spooked I was by how similar but different our lives have been, I have not “Lived” quite as much as you but I always considered myself to have handled life pretty well considering…. You have taught me however through your success in dealing with your life and what curve balls life has thrown at you that I need not sit on my laurels, and how much I can achieve both proffesionally and personally….

I have been inspired by you, and cant wait to begin my life anew with vigour..

Please publish your next book soon :)

Rev. Jonathan Atchleyreader2

Hi, Georgia,
I’m a Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. I recently found your book by going through lists of “best things to read” on Your experiences left me quite shaken. I couldn’t read without cringing, feeling angry at what you were describing yet helpless to do anything about it. I’ve already promised the book to three different women who could benefit from knowing that with honesty and willingness, even the most egregious and outrageous obstacles in life can be overcome. I’m definitely a better person for having encountered you. Maybe I am also a little curious to see how things are going for you now—don’t tell me you don’t have a fan club!

I wish you peace and joy in the years God gives you, Georgia. Many thanks for the lasting good impressions and hopes I have for humanity’s “humanity.”

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