Speaking Apearance

pic_2Georgia’s Speaking Appearance

When you need a dynamic and inspirational speaker for your organization or event, Georgia Durante can share her life experiences, touch the hearts and empower the minds of audiences on these topics and ideas…

  • Surviving Domestic Violence
  • Spiritual Rebirth
  • Life In The Mafia
  • Rebuilding A Life After Trauma
  • Parenthood
  • Women In Business
  • The Movie And TV Industry
  • Writing And Selling A Book
  • Creating A Successful PR Campaign

Georgia Durante is an effective and successful public speaker whose appearances have changed people’s lives. She shares the exciting experiences from her life, as told in her best selling book The Company She Keeps, and presents the many avenues of survival and growth that they offered. Georgia offers an inspirational guide for people to build their own route to happiness and success. Some of the venues Georgia Durante has shared her story include.

The Company she

  • Twin Towers Correctional Facility – Los Angeles
  • Haven House Women’s Shelter – California
  • National Writers Guild – Los Angeles
  • Star Of Hope Mission – Houston
  • Little House Drug Rehabilitation Center
  • University Of Oregon – Religious Studies
  • Juvenile Home – San Antonio
  • Good Shepherd Women’s Shelter – Los Angeles
  • Hartley House Shelter
  • Women In Film – Los Angeles
  • Safe Passage Women’s Shelter – California

Georgia Durante’s life has taken her through the world of the Mafia, modeling, movies, marriage, parenthood and owning a business. It all sounds like exciting and glamourous times but they also held risks and dangers that Georgia had to stand up and face. There were many times when Georgia had to fight just to stay alive and to keep those she loved safe. Threats of defeat and death came from those she expected as well as those she loved.

Georgia Durante’s book The Company She Keeps brings together all of the people, events and dangers from her life. Georgia discovered that there is always someone you can trust for support and guidance. Sometimes that someone has to be yourself.

When you present Georgia Durante at your event or to your organization, you present a true life story of determination, inspiration, survival and success.

Georgia Durante can offer hope for those in abusive relationships since she is a survivor of one herself. There were times when a gun was held to her head literally and figuratively, yet she broke the chains, made an escape and reclaimed her life.

Georgia Durante can share the story of her faith in God, the realization of how His love and guidance were steering her life and what lessons His word can teach every day.

Georgia Durante can reveal an ultimate inside look at life in the Mafia. Her beauty and personality attracted the attention of many men of the Mafia. Georgia will tell how she wound up behind the steering wheel and earned respect in a world that the men ruled.

Georgia Durante can share the story of how she built a successful business in the high pressure world of Hollywood and became one of the most trusted stunt drivers.